Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Fun!

A couple of weekends ago we got to take a little family trip down to Cedar City (for my little sisters water polo tournament) and to St. George (to visit my father-in-law).  Who doesn't love little spontaneous trips with their family?  I sure love them!  It's ALWAYS exactly what the doctor ordered.

Forward facing now, counting her money, lol (she loves playing with momma's wallet.  she is definitely my child!)

Enjoying the nice weather in Cedar City

Splashing like crazy - She LOVES water

Watching a movie on momma's phone, waiting for some polo to start

Vaeh lays down on the floor everywhere, wherever we go (sanitary, I know)

Congrats Bengal Polo for winning the Silver Metal

We also went to the tulip festival.  Tulips are by far my favorite flower (hence being Dutch)

Running around

Rolling down the hill - they have so much fun together

She loves her Gpa

It was beautiful there

Looking at a rabbit

Feeding the coy

He's such an amazing daddy

Little dutch kids :)


Devarian also started T-ball this spring.  Daddy is his coach.  He loves it.  T-ball/Baseball is definitely his sport (he wasn't a fan of soccer).  He is already hitting when "coach" pitches it, instead of off the T.  We are very proud of our big boy!

We went to the Dino museum with Gma & Aunt Denyse.  I don't think I could spent too much time with my family.  I just love being around them.  I am so glad Ty loves them as much as I do (and they might love Ty more than me, especially my dad!).


He Loves his auntie! BFF's!

One of Devarian's favorite parts.  He loves the shark.

We have had lot's of fun and are excited for a fun filled summer.  Hope all of you have had lot's of fun, too!

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  1. That is SO awesome you are so close to your family! You will have to let me know when one of D's games are and we will come watch. Jason loves hitting the all when you throw it, but hates hitting it off of a tee. I want him to check out a game and see if he would like to do it. I love that Ty is coaching him. He is such a great daddy...