Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shout out!...

to The Vintage Pearl. I love love love their jewelry.   I love their custom, one of a kind work.  Abby gave me a wonderful idea... a necklace from there for Mother's Day this year (big "hint, hint" to my husband).  I have been wanting a necklace from there forever and I think it's time.  Check out their blog/website and enter their drawing for 5, $100 gift cards.  Just click here.

Forever and ever

 March 5th, 2011, our family was sealed, for time and all eternity, in the Draper Temple.

 It was an amazing day, to say the least.  It will be one that we will remember forever.

Devarian was so excited he was able to go to the temple.  He loved it there.  He wants to go back and asks to, all the time.

I love these guys (and many more of you out there).  I was always so worried about all of them.  Worried about when I'd lose them.  Worried about how I'd lose them.  Worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it.  Worried that I wasn't spending our -quickly ticking away- time, as good as I'd like.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of my precious time, worrying about EVERYTHING.  Anxiety should have been my middle name.

I can honestly now say, I feel like a gigantic 'weight of worry', has been lifted from my shoulders.  I don't feel so stressed.  I know, that regardless of what happens to us, we will be together forever.  That brings peace to my heart and soul.

Thanks to everyone that was able to attend and thanks to all of you that offered sweet words and deeds.  We love you ALL!
XoXo, The Standings

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...another year older...

I cannot believe it...

My baby boy turned 5!!!

It's so sad for me to think he is growing so fast.  I hate the thought of him growing up and moving out of our home.  I dread that day.  Until then, I will continue to celebrate this sweet boys birthday, pretending I am as happy as he is, that he is another year older.  When in reality, I am one year closer to him leaving my side.  I tear up just writing that.  Don't get me wrong, birthdays are a BIG deal and SO much fun to celebrate.  I love a day devoted to celebrating amazing people in my life.  A day where I can overly express my love and appreciation for them.  A day when I have a little more of an excuse to give him a MILLION hugs and kisses (even though he still gets a little annoyed).

We celebrated with a couple parties (Star Wars was the theme he chose this year)!  How do I say no to his cute face?  I can't.  It's impossible.  That's why after less than two years in our home, we need something bigger.

This years favors for his friends
Ready to PARTY!

Opening gifts... He was blessed with so much fun stuff!
# 5

He had lot's of great friends there
Must have been a cool gift! :)
Sweet Maya
Maya enjoying her cupcake
Happy baby at the party
Fun with friends
Blowing 5 candles out!
Relaxing with daddy after a FUN party!
Dad finally got to enjoy a cupcake
Busy playing with his new stuff.  This was the picture when he told me "Enough, mom... No more pictures!"
So it was his sisters turn... (she loved the balloons)
They're just too cute not to snap pic's of.

Another birthday was a success.  He enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks to all that celebrated with us.  You all made it one to remember.
Love you all!
The Standings (especially Devarian)