Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Easter morning searching for eggs @ home
Found his battle set he wanted!

With the battle set on... & tootsie roll in the teeth :)

Egg hunt at Ty's cousins brunch
He loved finding the eggs!
So Fun!
Running around!
Looking through what they all got!
Cheese! With the cute Easter shirt :)

Easter egg hunt & Oma & Opa VDB's / Found his basket!
Looking for eggs...
Look what I got :)

We had a very fun Easter this year! We had a mini Easter egg hunt at home when we woke up and gave Devarian his "Battle Set" he was dying to get from the movie "How to train your Dragon", then we went to an Easter brunch at Ty's cousins house and had a big egg hunt there and then we went to my parents house, had a wonderful dinner and egg hunt there. It really was great! Here are a few pic's of Devarian, etc. searching for eggs! He was SO excited this year to find them all.

The Belly... about 33 1/2 weeks

I feel like I am getting HUGE! I am getting to the point where I don't know if I can stretch anymore. I carried Devarian very low and this pregnancy I am carrying higher, so she is always in my ribs! I feel like she is bigger than Devarian too. She feels like she takes up more room. We will see! Only 6 weeks to go!!!