Thursday, February 25, 2010

Devarian's Birthday dinner at our house with Family...


We celebrated his birthday at our home with BBQ chicken sandwiches (D's choice) and the traditional chocolate whip cream cake I make for him every year. It all turned out great and he enjoyed having everyone over. He LOVES company!

Blowing out candles, again! :)

His new Basketball hoop!

He got so excited with gifts this year, it was fun!

A Pirate ship, Mom!

Some of the Grandparents

He couldn't resist with the last piece of cake sitting there!

Oh, I just love him!

Devarian's 4th Birthday party w/ friends!


Cheesin' D

He was SO excited about his birthday this year! Why is it that kids are so excited to be older and bigger? I just want him to stay little forever. We celebrated his birthday at Classic Fun Center with friends and family. He chose that place and absolutely loves it there!

My big 4 year old!
Everyone singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out candles!

Green tongue & :)'s

Opening up presents, he loved everything!

Favors he picked out to give his friends!

The #4 cake!

He had a great night!